Projects are dreams that strive to come true. It might mean hard work. Time. More time and even a few grey hairs at the temples. Before it all just shines and works out. Like many others, these did. Come true.

Acoustic designs, colours, curtains and craftmanship that come together as one. Be inspired by examples of our very diverse project range right here.


Office Poul Schmith/ Kammeradvokaten

Curtains offering a nice view as well as comfortable screening for the employees. Almost 4,000 metres of white KURAGE Smooth Dense textiles made from recycled polyester, plus 1,500 metres of curtain rails. A responsible choice. Photo: Thomas Falkenberg.

Hotel Arena

Hand-printed curtains, bedspreads and blackouts. Acoustic panels and floor screens. Multiple textile solutions are an active part of the interior design, adding warmth and character for guests at the 16-floor hotel.

School Gustavslundsskolan

Wall panels in varying dimensions. Aesthetic panels that embrace unique printed KURAGE motifs and improve the acoustic environment for pupils and staff at the Swedish school.

Restaurant Frederikshøj

Acoustic curtains & wall panels improve the sound in the restaurant. While a light, transparent and printed white curtain contributes an aesthetic appeal to the atmospheric setting for the guests.

Hotel Koldingfjord

Curtains for two iconic suites at the majestic hotel by the inlet. A stylish, aesthetic signature, embracing the rooms that pay tribute to the Danish design masters Finn Juhl and Hans Wegner.

Office Länsförsäkringar

Table screens for the offices. Offering semi-private, flexible work spaces, noise reduction and better concentration. Last but not least, they improve the employees’ acoustic environment on a daily basis.

School Rydabäckskolan

Acoustic panels that fit perfectly into the context of the school in Helsingborg, Sweden. Square and playful acoustic panels in light colours for all classrooms and lounges.