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Materials & care


You can machine wash most types of curtains. Often, however, it is sufficient simply to hang the curtains outside in the fresh air once every three months and only wash them once a year*.

When machine washing your curtains, the following advice may be helpful:

  • Always read and follow the washing instructions carefully
  • Never use bleach as it settles into the fabric and causes the curtain to crease more
  • Be careful not to overload your washing machine as curtains become heavy when wet
  • Hang the curtains out while they are still wet or damp. In general, air dry the curtains for the best effect

Please note that curtains made from natural materials such as linen can benefit from dry cleaning since they shrink more than e.g. polyester curtains.

If you have any further questions about maintaining, washing and/or cleaning your KURAGE curtains, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.

*Smoking indoors, wood stoves, frequent use of candles, etc. may mean you need to wash the curtains more often.

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