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Dotty is our recycled wool. It’s made partly from old wool sweaters, turned into the most gorgeous unique fabric. Dotty is crafted in Italy at a small, family-owned weaving mill with a rich heritage dating back to the 1930s. Scroll down to see how Dotty is being made.

Materials are selected based on their colour, composition, and fibre fineness. The sorted materials are compressed into bales and sent off to the next processing stage.

It all starts with the collection of noble fabrics and knitted garments from GRS traced and certified supply chains. The use of recycled wool materials allows to drastically reduce the use of virgin wool, dyes and energy. 50% of the material is recycled from the high range, consisting of pre-consumer production scraps of the local textile district, as well as used fabrics and clothing.

The bales proceed to the mechanical fraying and washing phase. In this way, a new fibre is regenerated, and it is ready to be spun again without the addition of dyes and chemicals.

Various shades of recycled wool are precisely weighed and blended with a portion of virgin fibres to create the unique melange effect characteristic of Dotty.

After mixing the colours, the next step is carding and forming the thread. Spinning binds the fibres through a gentle twist that starts to align them. The friction created by this torsion provides the yarn with its strength.

Weaving is the most inspiring phase of the process. This is where threads and wefts meet and where the magic happens. Finally, after rigorous controls to ensure the highest quality, we say welcome to Dotty!

The finishing phase of regenerated fabrics enhances their appearance, texture, and performance through a series of mechanical processes.

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