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Blue Collection is our recycled denim. One meter of fabric is made of one pair of jeans. The collection offers four variants, each of them unique: one in a solid colour and three with stripes. The stripes are crafted by incorporating hemp into the recycled cotton. By giving old denim jeans a new life, we contribute to reducing the world’s textile waste and help create a truly circular life circle for a beautiful, authentic fabric. Learn more on the process below.

Denim is one of the most common fabrics used in today’s world. Since huge volumes of denim jeans are produced and consumed annually, the environmental concerns associated with their production are also very high. However, the increased awareness of textile recycling has paved the way for using recycled materials in new denim productions.

Any type of denim apparel item can be recycled – jeans, jackets, shirts, skirts and more. It can be coloured, embellished and/or printed. The denim can also be in any condition – ripped, stained and even in scraps.

After collecting jeans products from various sources, the collected jeans are sorted based on their condition and if not usable for resale or donation, they are shredded into smaller pieces. This shredding process breaks down the denim fabric into manageable fibres.

The shredded denim undergoes further processing to extract the cotton fibres. These fibres can then be used to create new textiles.

The extracted cotton fibres are spun into yarns, which are then woven into new fabrics. Hemp is added to create the different types of stripes.

And finally - meet Skinny, Baggy, Bootcut and Flared, the superstars of our Blue Collection! Each of them unique and one of a kind and usable for your very own pouffe or cushion.

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