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Code of Conduct

KURAGE’s Code of Conduct clarifies our values and behaviour both internally and externally, ensuring that our partners share our standards for environmental, ethical, and social issues.

KURAGE is part of the Fischer Group. Regardless of geographic location, all our companies share the same ethical, social, and environmental values.


We operate an ethically responsible, honest, and trustworthy business that treats people and the environment properly. We keep our promises, and our business and working methods uphold high levels of integrity and transparency.

We embrace a dynamic world, consistently working to enhance the company’s overall competencies and knowledge, while improving our products and services.

By staying aware, adaptable, open-minded, and respectful, we cultivate strong, long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We maintain a well-organised operation and prioritise understanding our customers’ needs. As a trusted partner, we guide customers in selecting the right products, ensuring the overall solution is optimal.

We uphold a strict zero-tolerance policy against all forms of corruption, both within our organisation and in external dealings. Additionally, we do not offer or accept gifts that could affect, or appear to affect, our decisions or those of our partners.



Our relationships are founded on respect and equality, allowing each of us to be our authentic selves. We maintain a flat organisational structure and prioritise an inclusive work culture where everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions.

We embrace and value the individuality, initiatives, and opinions of our employees, and under no circumstances do we tolerate discrimination or bullying of any kind.

The professional growth of every employee is essential to our success. As a team, we learn from our errors to improve and refine our skills. We take collective responsibility for mistakes, fostering a culture of continuous development and excellence.

We adhere to all national and international occupational health and safety regulations, ensuring both a mentally and physically healthy work environment. Our commitment includes promoting initiatives that safeguard employees and prevent accidents.

The terms of employment for employees adhere to all relevant rules and agreements.



We aim to protect the environment and actively work to ensure that our company, projects, products, and services have minimal environmental impact at every stage. With most of our products manufactured in-house, we maintain full control over optimising processes, deliveries, and logistics.

We are mindful of costs and manage our resources wisely.

We operate and evolve in harmony with the environment and our surroundings.



We fully support the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN’s ten principles on human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption.

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