Curtains: Print, design & textile in beautiful interaction

Kurage curtain textiles are hand printed, which means that each piece of fabric becomes unique due to small differences. Our textiles can turn the interior design into an aesthetic whole and stand out as an independent decoration of the room - always with an eye to function. The designers carefully consider how print, design and material interacts with light - the light coming from outside, which is filtered through the light curtains, thereby creating shadows in the room, and the artificial light in the room catching and stressing the patterns of the fabric.


Each design is produced in a wide range of colours. We focus strongly on incorporating sustainability into the entire developing proces, and this is for instance reflected in the long service life of our products. Download OEKO-TEX Certificate 2021.

See our spring collection 2021 with the designs Island Bouquet, Turning Bouquet and Dancing Bouquet below.