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Kitchens are the epitome of domestic life. Perhaps even more of a home core space than we realise. A space for cooking, talking and for transitions. This calls for functional stuff and something aesthetic to look at through the day.


Curtains with a light billowing quality and a highly distinctive pattern embracing kitchen motifs in a soft, graphic, yet slightly wild manner. Curtains that support the idea of kitchens as a space with time and room for just being you. For feeling at home.

How we
do it

We design to inspire. This includes a responsible way of transforming recycled raw materials into curtains. Waste material or recycled bottles are collected and sorted, then processed and shredded into flakes. The polymer is extruded to form the yarn and then treated to convey permanent flame-retardant qualities. Voila. A brand new – and recyclable – curtain is born.


We work with special partners, manufacture all fabrics in Europe and Turkey, and we produce all of our collections at our own facilities in Lithuania. We all need to take responsibility and act more sustainably. Not just in words, but in real life action. We are imperfect, but we believe in change, in improvement. In beautiful stuff.

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