Kurage combines design with function

Kurage unites the free artistic imaginative tale with functional design. Nature's beauty and simplicity is the essence of the unique and genuine expression. Kurage combines the proud traditions of craftsmanship with a playful and curious approach to design. 

When the idea begins to take shape, it is the dogma that the design should be as fresh and unspoiled as possible. The original and bouncy idea must be visible in the finished textile design.

Kurage' textiles can turn the interior design into an aesthetic whole and stand out as an independent decoration of the room - always with an eye to function.

Kurage Acoustic Design Solutions combine design and aesthetics with sound deadening function of the highest sound absorption class. Offering a wide variety of possibilities for combination of printed and uni-coloured textiles, we create acoustic solutions that form a balanced whole in the room. 

The products stand out among others with visible aluminum frames and removable covers. System 30 is made of ultra thin and elegant panels and screens. Our newest product (February 2020), Slide Panel, combines three important properties: room partitioning, screening and soundproofing.

Kurage develop curtain and acoustic solutions to corporate headquarters, restaurants, hotels, institutions, universities and schools. And we are happy to cooperate with architects and interior designers for special colours, qualities and repeats. In special cases we create designs for specific tasks.

The collection includes unicoloured and hand-printed textiles for curtains, furniture and decoration, and acoustics solutions. Our products are sold through exclusive retailers in close cooperation with architects and interior decorators.

Kurage was established in 1990 by the designers Ruth Fabricius & Jesper Gundersen. Since 2005 Kurage has been owned by the Danish Fischer Group.

We have great attention to incorporating sustainability into all development processes, which is emphasized by the durability of the products.