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Cecilie Bahnsen



Kurage Smooth Light & Casual Light



It’s almost impossible to keep your hands off the captivating designs and fabrics at Cecilie Bahnsen’s studio. At KURAGE, we’re passionate about textile artistry, so it was an absolute thrill to contribute to the stunning curtains at the fashion designer’s studio.


When you arrive at the grey industrial neighbourhood, “tactile” and “colourful” aren’t the first words to pop into your head. But behind a small door in the building’s ground floor, you’re welcomed into Cecilie Bahnsen’s realm of vibrant creations, decorations, and creatives.

“We discovered this place while shooting our SS20 campaign and were immediately captivated by its’ unique vibe. We decided to rent it for our showroom and atelier. The studio is divided into two levels, with our atelier situated on the upper floor under stunning vaulted ceilings,” says Birgitte Boye, Head of Marketing & PR for Cecilie Bahnsen, whom we had the pleasure of meeting when we arrived at Cecilie Bahnsen’s headquarters in Østerbro.


– Anders Back Christensen, Fischer Gardiner



Strolling through the studio, you quickly feel the personality radiating from every corner. Not just from Cecilie’s designs, but from the interior too. Mannequins flaunt captivating outfits, enhanced with tops and bases by glass artist Nina Nørgaard. Steel furniture by Magniberg provides a sleek contrast to the vibrant fabrics. Even the water glasses are crafted by the same glass artist. It’s stylishly thoughtful without being over the top.

Birgitte says: “It’s a huge part of Cecilie and the brand’s DNA. Cecilie thinks beyond fashion, weaving the DNA into her entire universe. You see it in the furniture, vases, glasses, and even the serving trays.” She adds: “Cecilie has a knack for beautiful, effortless details. Over time, she’s incorporated stunning designs from friends of the house, making them a permanent part of the decor. We take this vibe global, whether it’s shows in Paris or private appointments in New York or Tokyo.”


A fascinating interplay exists between the square, concrete-clad room and the delicate, tactile elements of Cecilie Bahnsen’s designs. Just take the striking patchwork curtains, made from upcycled materials from previous collections, which create a fabric wall at the office entrance while transforming a storage room into art. This sensory dynamic and tranquillity is something KURAGE aimed to infuse into the workspaces where Cecilie and her team work.

The atmosphere exudes a relaxed vibe, both in ambiance and in conversations with the creative people we met there. In conversation with Birgitte, she touches on the topic of “everyday couture,” which captures the essence of the brand:

“You should be able to live in the clothes, preferably on a Monday more than on one of those Saturday nights.”

“There’s no one right way to wear the clothes,” she says and continues: “Cecilie believes in leaving room for personal expression, allowing each woman to style it her way. We’ve done several photo shoots where Cecilie’s designs blend with the models’ own wardrobes, creating a natural vibe that reflects how we use the collection daily. Our campaigns often feature the team, emphasising personal styling. It’s amazing to see how people add their personal touch to the styles.”

At KURAGE, we couldn’t agree more. When we brought our designs, Cecilie instantly knew which colours would seamlessly blend into the studio’s vibe. We crafted solutions for three meeting rooms, two offices, and an appointment room where customers experience the brand up close. Each space features curtains tailored to its unique aesthetic and functional needs, from top to bottom. We’re proud to see how our curtains have been interpreted within Cecilie Bahnsen’s stunning interiors.

Working with top-tier design and textile experts means the final solution is rich in colour, form, mood, function, style, and soul. And with Cecilie Bahnsen’s visionary input, we pushed boundaries to create something extraordinary.

Sometimes, it’s not about letting the curtains shine. In a showroom where decorations, visitors, and garments need to stand out, the curtains should elevate the space, not compete with it.

At Cecilie Bahnsen’s studio, it’s crucial that the daily visitors feel seen and appreciated. This philosophy extends to any professional space and its users. So, we made sure the curtains not only look stunning but also deliver excellent functionality, enhancing also the rooms’ acoustics, privacy, and light control.

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