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Force Majeure



Kurage Smooth Light, Rustica Light & Natural Light



In a hidden oasis of a small Copenhagen backyard, you’ll find Christine Sofie Johansen, Rasmus Robert Laybourn, and Claus Wraae Poulsen. They’re the masterminds behind Danish Studio Force Majeure, a design studio we’ve proudly partnered with since their early days.

“What excites us is that full-circle effect, creating a cohesive story. For me, textiles are the crowning touch,” says Creative Director Christine Sofie Johansen.

At KURAGE, we like to team up with people who push boundaries and spark creativity. People who, like us, believe textiles can transform a room’s vibe – be it light, sound, or life.

“I can’t imagine designing an interior without curtains.”



Curtains and textiles have always been woven into Force Majeure’s design process. A tradition and ongoing trend they have fought for in all their projects.

“I’ve been here for just three years, but we’ve always emphasised the importance of curtains, especially Rasmus. Even though people often try to save money on them, we believe they’re significant. For example, we designed an apartment interior where the client initially wanted to skip the curtains. Those very curtains ended up going viral,” Christine Sofie Johansen explains.

Office, gallery, and event hub – the studio does it all. In such a versatile space, Force Majeure needed curtains that whispered elegance while still making a statement.

“It’s so secretive inside this backyard. You wonder, ‘What’s happening in there?’ It used to be an old gallery with no windows. We’ve been refurbishing it along the way, and now we’re almost finished. The space is divided into an office and a gallery, with curtains that perfectly match our signature mint-green vibe.”

About their collaboration with brands and event organisers, Christine Sofie Johansen says: “Every time we redesign this space, it gets a fresh vibe. We rent it out for all sorts of events, and it’s amazing to see how versatile these rooms are. It’s great to have a place that radiates so much Force Majeure yet allows for endless creative displays.”

After giving the rooms a thorough makeover, they feel they’re almost there: “Light curtains from KURAGE were the perfect choice. These curtains don’t demand too much attention but still add their own flair. The gallery needs to be changeable with furniture and art, so that people can make it their own.”

Curtains dance as you walk by. They hang in folds and curves. They bring rooms to life.



Even though Force Majeure’s studio needs a flexible design, their unique style still shines through. Especially when you step into the bathroom:

“It’s cool to get a visual surprise in the bathroom. The room is not huge, but it’s tall, so lowering the ceiling made sense. That’s the magic of textiles! You can create a new vibe or lower the ceiling without it feeling cramped, thanks to the air between the layers.”

In our eyes, Force Majeure has long been advocates and frontrunners when it comes to experimental interior design. And when it comes to challenging both themselves and their clients, Christine Sofie Johansen points out:

“The exciting task now is to get people to use curtains more artistically. Curtains don’t always have to cover a window. Danish design is so stringent and proper – all about good quality and craftsmanship. But curtains dance as you walk by. They hang in folds and curves. They bring rooms to life. I can’t imagine designing a space without them.”

At KURAGE, we couldn’t agree more. We look forward to reviving more spaces with the magic of Force Majeure.

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