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Stilling with Nadia Olive Schnack


Design Exhibition/Showroom

Kurage Casual Light, In the Dark & Smooth Dense


Photo credits
Line Thit Klein for Stilling

Video credits
Johanna Christensen for KURAGE



Every June, the design festival 3daysofdesign turns Copenhagen into a vibrant hub of creativity. For three thrilling days, the city’s streets are alive with journalists, buyers, and design enthusiasts, all eager to explore the cutting-edge Danish design brands on display.

In 2024, we had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Stilling at their showroom on Bredgade 22. This innovative curtain rod brand inspired us to install custom fabric curtains both inside and outside. And these curtains were far from standard-sized curtains.

“Outside in the gateway, we hung asymmetrically cut curtains. Inside, we used more curtains to create several small, intimate spaces. For example, two curtains formed a long corridor, others covered an entire back wall, and some floated freely at a height of 130 cm,” explains Anders Back Christensen, Sales Director at Fischer Gardiner.

The trickiest part of the installation was getting the curtains to hang perfectly on some unique curtain rods that wound vertically up and down the ceiling. But we discovered a solution that was not only creative but also durable.

“We had to work against gravity. To keep the curtain fabric from sliding down the rod, we mounted stoppers every 15 cm. Then, we added sail rings to the fabric and secured them to the stoppers with electrical ties,” explains Anders Back Christensen.

Kurage offered the most exquisite curtain fabrics, available in a stunning array of colours and crafted in both recycled and recyclable materials.

– Jakob Hundborg, owner of PR agency Réplique


Another key aspect to consider was the composition and colours of the textiles. The art installation, titled “Colours and Crafts,” was initiated by Stilling, known for their curtain rods made from recycled aluminum. And the curator was none other than the colourful interior designer Nadia Oliva Schnack. So, the selection of Kurage curtains was no coincidence.

The visionary behind the exhibition was Jakob Hundborg, the owner of the PR agency Réplique. He shares, “We handpicked the brands we wanted to showcase. Fischer, a large and professional company, provided the technically challenging solutions we needed. And Kurage offered the most exquisite curtain fabrics, available in a stunning array of colours and crafted in both recycled and recyclable materials. Choosing Kurage curtains was an easy decision!

Alongside KURAGE, several Danish brands were represented at the exhibition: SkLO showcased their handmade glass lamps, Ege displayed their exclusive carpets, and Gurli Elbækgaard presented her unique, hand thrown ceramics. The aim was to challenge contemporary perceptions of focal points in interior design. Jakob Hundborg elaborates:

“For too long, curtains and curtain rods have been mere afterthoughts, just needing to match the wall colour or sofa fabric. But with the ‘Colours and Craft’ exhibition, we revolutionised that. Here, the curtain rods and the curtains stole the spotlight,” he says, elaborating further:

“We showcased bold and contrasting color combinations, curtain rods winding across the ceiling, and exciting details like finials that have been out of fashion for years but give the curtains a stunning finish,” says Jakob Hundborg, wrapping up:

“Seeing the spark in the visitors’ eyes was amazing. I’m sure they left with lots of fresh and exciting interior design ideas.”

Apart from Bredgade 22, you could see KURAGE curtain installations at &Tradition in Kronprinsessegade, Hay House at Østergade, and Normann Copenhagen in Niels Hemmingsens Gade during 3daysofdesign.


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