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VYN Restaurant by Daniel Berlin

Simrishamn, Sweden

Restaurant/wine bar/boutique hotel

Natural Light & Natural Dense, Casual Light and Rustica Light

Photo credits
Jimmy Linus


Fine dining experience and a hotel in one serene destination. Nestled in the plains of southern Sweden, Kurage provided fabric for the curtains in the outstanding Restaurant VYN by two-time Michelin chef, Daniel Berlin.

The goal was to honour Scandinavian heritage and mimic surrounding nature into a unique space by choosing naturally coloured materials for the curtains. Never letting them outshine the outstanding rural and coastal ‘vyn’ (which fittingly translates to ‘view’).

It’s in the vision of Daniel Berlin that we created a timeless environment. One, in which the curtains would be able to last for as long as possible.

– Lisa Mannheimer, Interior Designer at FOJAB


The main theme of the interior lies within the chosen materials. Light linen colours of the curtains work as a subtle contrast to the robustness of the farm aesthetic, like the wide plank oak floors, and use of limestone. But, they seamlessly blend with the interior adding a softness to the space – like a spring breeze blowing through the corn just outside the windows of the dining hall.

“People come from all around the world to dine here. And I think the Scandinavian experience offers a rustic elegance you don’t find in other places,” says Lisa Mannheimer, the interior designer of the project.

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