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Blue Collection Pouffes

When designing minimalist products with low environmental impact, we don’t just kick our feet up and let others do the work. But with our unique pouffe collection, now you can.

Our pouffes are perfect for sitting and can be used as a flexible accessory in any type of room. This is simple, clean design which creates space for indulging in the rich texture and warmth of the chosen textile.

The cover is removable for easy cleaning and allows you to style your pouffe alongside your evolving aesthetic preference. Whether you want to add a little life in your living room, add a playful touch to a child’s bedroom, or introduce a stylish element to working spaces, the KURAGE pouffes are a commitment to aesthetics, comfort, and environmental responsibility.

The Blue Collection pouffes are covered with fabric made from old jeans. One meter of fabric equals one pair of jeans. This means you can relax, knowing you contribute to the recycling of the vast amounts of textiles present in the world today.



  • The cylindrical All Around Pouffe measures Ø50 x H45 cm.
  • The quadratic Corner Cube Pouffe measures W45 x D45 x H45 cm.
  • The big Lay Low Pouffe measures W86 x D69 x H36 cm.


With all our pouffes, you’re sitting on the essence of sustainable design. Discover our approach to recycling old jeans. Learn more on the process here.


Find Pouffes data sheet here: Download here.


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