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Dotty Lounge Cushion

Our cushions are small invitations to be present in a moment. To support you in whatever position you may find yourself. And when crafting with quality and care, like we do at KURAGE, you get great comfort with a clear consciousness.


You can rest assured that our cushions are designed with as much care for properly sourced fabrics, as for their appearance and design. That’s why you can only choose between our two recycled materials – Dotty Recycled Wool and Blue Collection Recycled Jeans. And this is why we haven’t compromised on the inners either, which consist of a 100% cotton cover and 100% recycled feathers and down. So let loose and enjoy a completely comfortable and responsibly made cushion.



The Long Lounge Cushion measures W60 x H40 cm.



Choose your favourite colour from 18 vibrant shades in the Dotty Collection or go all-in with our recycled Jeans Collection.



With all our cushions, you’re embracing the essence of sustainable design. Discover our approach to sustainability here.


Our cushions are filled with European duck feathers and down, sourced in compliance with the EU’s strict standards on animal welfare.

Moreover, our cushions are OEKO-TEX certified, and they meet the British 1988 safety regulations, adhering to BS5852 Ignition Source 2 standards.


Find Cushions data sheet here.

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